Fah and Sage

In September 2017, I gave birth to this amazing soul, Sage. For how much I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to experience motherhood, I also felt exhausted from this 24/7 demand and juggling family & work life around.

When the pandemic hit & things were finally slowing down, for the first time in years I had a moment to reflect and connect with "me" again. 

Prioritizing "me" and rediscovering activities that brought me joy were my new self-love ritual. Roller Skating was one of them which instantly became my meditation, after learning more about how the skate community had done to give back gives me such a natural high.

To acquire a pair of skates during this skate boom was just a nightmare. I waited months for my first pair in order to have it canceled on me. Out of frustration, I took the matter into my own hands and started to build skates, first for myself and slowly for others. I never thought being on wheels indeed made me more grounded than ever. 

To solve the pain point I once experienced, here we are today, this small roller skate-related service has bloomed. My intention is to make roller skates accessible, safe for everyone and be the force to give back.

Hopefully, it will evolve into more than "just a skate shop". Looking forward to meeting you & hearing your story.

Much Love,


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